SKONTO GROUP is one of the leading construction groups in Latvia. To make our companies more efficient, transparent and cohesive within the group, we act in accordance with our values and principles, which are set out in our governing policies.

Our policies are not intended to replace applicable laws and regulations, but to set out key principles, approaches and guidelines that must be followed in everyday life addition to regulatory enactments. The SKONTO GROUP Code of Ethics and Conduct sets out the main principles in all areas of business operations and cooperation, while each individual policy describes in detail the requirements for action in a particular area.

We also expect our partners to get acquainted with our policies and, in cooperation with SKONTO GROUP, to comply with the requirements set out therein.




Raise Your Concern (Whistleblowing)

If you have noticed that the actions of a SKONTO GROUP employee or business partner has not been ethical, in accordance with the law or the principles set out in our policies, please let us know.

You can report on known or possible misconduct:

  • By filling out the reporting form here;
  • By sending information to e-mail:;
  • By calling +371 67096120.  

SKONTO GROUP ensures to treat your report seriously and confidentially. 

The SKONTO GROUP Whistleblowing Guidelines are available here.