Project type: Public buildings

Client: Link Network Projects AB

Investment: Production, delivery, installation of moduls

Time: 2015-2016

Company: Forta Modular

Country: Sweden

Project description

First Hotel Arlanda is a three-star hotel in Sweden, close to the Arlanda airport in Stockholm. It is a convenient accommodation for both travellers and those who have business meetings – there is a spacious restaurant, meeting- and recreational space, as well as a gym and spa. The building has four floors, and the 150 rooms of the hotel are built of modules, which were produced, delivered and assembled by Forta Modular according to the technical documentation, complete with interior finish. The making of each module of the building took about one and a half weeks. It required the assembly of the floor and ceiling elements, installation of wiring, interior and exterior finish, tiling and painting, as well as fitting rooms with the bathroom equipment and furniture. The result exceeded the client’s expectations – it corresponded to higher technical specifications, had better sound insulation and thermal insulation. The high quality was achieved thanks to the diligent work and substantial quality control measures during the whole project. Ready-made, fully furnished building modules were transported from the port of Ventspils to Sweden in two shipments. Every day the required amount of modules was taken to the construction site, while the rest were carefully stored in the port area.
First Hotel Arlanda is a significant project for Fort Modular in terms of its scale and the intensity of labour. The building of more than 4 000 m2 was assembled in less than a month, and 330 tons of metal were used. In the construction of modules about 150 workers were employed, who spent about 70 000 man-hours in the construction process.