Project type: Public buildings

Client: Botrygg AB

Investment: Design, production and delivery of reinforced concrete elements

Time: 2015-2016

Company: Skonto Prefab

Country: Sweden

Project description

Skonto Prefab got involved in an ambitious project - building a new 16-storey hotel in Älvsjo district in Stockholm. For the comfort of the guests there are 174 rooms and 77 apartments, as well as a parking lot. The hotel is conveniently located close to the train station, due to this fact windows used in the project were with high levels of noise reduction. Starting from the 9th storey, the building is protruding for one meter – this meant challenge, and use of complex structures in the building design. Ceramic facade presents the hotel’s visual image.
Skonto Prefab designed, manufactured, delivered and assembled reinforced concrete elements, cavity slabs, massive covering slabs, solid walls, columns, beams, stairs and balconies. For this project, composite columns of reinforced concrete or steel profiles on the inside and outside were used. The object was completed successfully, and two weeks ahead of the schedule.