Project Type: Residential buildings

Client: Dzintaru Parks Ltd

Investment: The main contractor

Time: 2013-2016

Company: Skonto Plan

Country: Latvia

Project description

The exclusive residential complex Kado Karim consists of three functionally joined buildings in a unified style. It is characterized by blending lines, rounded shapes, and harmonious overall image. The complex fits perfectly in the landscape of Jurmala, reminding of pebbles smoothed by waves, grains of sand in dunes and rounded crowns of pine trees. The author of the project is one of the world's most sought after American designers Karim Rashid; the chief architect - expert Andis Silis. The complex of buildings is situated centrally next to Dzintaru Park, and its uniqueness attracted passers-by already during the construction phase, but later was recognised in the Latvian Architecture Grand Awards 2016.
Skonto Būve carried out the main contractor's work, organising and controlling the construction process, making sure it complies with the technical design and regulatory requirements. To bring to life author's vision and achieve perfect results, several technical challenges were tackled. For the construction of the complex’s basement Skonto Būve had to lower the groundwater level. Also, considering the sandy soil, 277 anchor logs were used underneath the building’s foundation slab. For earthworks, the excavation pit was dug, along the perimeter of which a retaining wall was built at the time of the earthworks, which later served as an external template, as the basement perimeter concrete walls were poured.
The curved facade construction of the buildings was unusual; according to the project, there are no straight corners in the buildings. A rigid structure was installed in the process, but for cladding and finishing a high quality ventilated facade system was used, for the first time in Eastern Europe. The complex is equipped with building management system (BMS), which allows to control the main system utilities, and lighting control system. To maximize the use of the small space, under the complex is an underground floor for parking spaces and utility rooms.
Skonto Būve proved in the project Kado Karim that beauty does not always require sacrifice - a high-quality result was achieved quickly and efficiently. It will add to the attractiveness of Jurmala for many years to come.