Project Type: Residential buildings

Client: St.George West London Ltd

Investment: Installation of glazed aluminium facades, window units and ALU clusters

Time: 2014-2016

Company: Skonto Plan

Country: United Kingdom

Project description

Kew Bridge residential complex is located on the picturesque bank of River Thames and contains 164 attractive, modern apartments and exclusive high-storey apartments, which offer a wonderful view of the river and the metropolis. Nearby is a well-maintained green pedestrian promenade and a small public garden.
The residential complex is distinguished by its ambitious architecture, large windows and terraces. Skonto Plan installed the glazed aluminium facades, window units and ALU clusters. On the request of the client a professional facade consultant reviewed all the project drawings, and the highest quality requirements were successfully met.
After successful cooperation in the round 2A and 3 of the project, the client signed a contract with Skonto Plan for works in round 4. In the process of design, solutions were developed which allowed to optimize the speed of the assembly - a significant amount of work was completed in the factory. The contracting authority highly valued the experience and contribution of the company, and signed a contract with Skonto Plan for other projects of St.George and the affiliated companies.