Project type: Public buildings

Client: Litana Scandinavia AB

Investment: Design, production, delivery of reinforced concrete structures, filigree coverings

Time: 2014

Company: Skonto Prefab

Country: Sweden


Project description

The objective of Skonto Prefab was to produce and deliver materials to the hull construction of Linköping University Hospital. Reinforced concrete structures, three-layer walls, solid walls, columns, hollow covering panels and stair elements were produced and delivered, as well as filigree coverings. The facade surface of three-layered walls was created using some specifically shaped profiles and black tinted concrete. A technology was developed to ensure tonal uniformity of the elements, and a specific façade surface quality according to requirements. For Skonto Prefab this project was a great opportunity to learn a new manufacturing technologies to fulfil-specific architectural requirements for decorative facade surfaces.