Project Type: Residential buildings

Client: Westbourne House Limited

Investment: Designing, manufacturing and installation of glazed aluminium structures, windows, doors

Time: 2014

Company: Skonto Plan

Country: United Kingdom

Project description

Work on Westbourne House, a multi-storey residential building in central London, was a relatively small project, so the whole process was quick and efficient. The total area of the building is 3000 m², on the upper storeys there are terraces with the view on the city.
Within the project, improvements were made to the exterior of the building, getting rid of the existing facade and replacing it with new brick tiles and aluminium-glass elements finish. Skonto Plan carried out design, manufacturing and installation of the glazed aluminium structures, windows and doors. Considering the configuration of the building, a variety of covering elements was designed and manufactured.
In the course of the project Skonto Plan gained in-depth skills and knowledge on the process and specifics of aluminium anodising, taking into account the specific processing of the aluminium profiles and the requirements of the design team.