Project Type: Residential buildings, Restoration

Client: Private

Investment: Reconstruction of residential building and new construction

Time: 2015-2016

Company: Skonto Plan

Country: Latvia

Project description

Projects where historical heritage joins the needs of modern life are always exciting and challenging. This privately-owned property in Jūrmala, one of the most beautiful cities in Latvia, is no exception. Within the project the building’s two-story wood-frame was reconstructed, preserving its historical facade and natural slate roof, and its interior suits the modern day’s requirements and client’s wishes. According to the client’s wish and the intentions of the architect, a new residential building was built on the property. A two-story reinforced concrete building was built on concrete slabs in sunken relief with a significant part of the cantilever on the second-floor level. As it is typical for contemporary architecture, the roof is flat, and facade consists of both wooden cladding and partly exposed monolithic concrete. This technique is also reflected in the interior, which includes an exposed wall on both sides of the stairs, which can be seen from both floors. – a reinforced concrete construction was poured in a height of 7.1 m. Interior design was developed along the construction process, a few changes that occurred were flexibly accommodated by Skonto Būve.
Together with the designers, various situations were modelled to ensure safety and durability of the constructions. In collaboration with the designer, solutions were found for automation of most of the internal mechanical systems.