Project type: Infrastructure objects

Client: Latvijas gaisa satiksme SJSC

Investment: Replacement, installation, reconstruction of radar antennas and equipment

Time: 2007-2009

Company: LEC

Country: Latvia


Project description

Aviation radiolocation stations are complicated complexes of technical equipment, which must operate smoothly throughout their lifetime, so LEC had to maintain special precision and had very high quality requirements when working on reconstruction of radar complexes Alenia in Riga, Ezerlīči in Ērgļi and Radar Cirava.
Closely following the work schedule, within the project the dismantling of the old radars, towers and of equipment was carried out, the installation of the new towers and radars, installation of the equipment, reconstruction of buildings, as well as clearing of the territory. This project allowed to apply new technologies and to demonstrate the skills of combining many individual systems into a single united system.