Project type: Residential buildings

Client: “Swiss Property AS”

Contribution: CLT manufacturing and delivery

Time: March 2016

Company: “Skonto Cross Timber Systems”

Country: Switzerland

Project description

Exclusive apartments “Apartmenthaus Schneefalke” are located in the Swiss skiing resort town Andermatt. In frame of the project, company “Skonto Cross Timber Systems” manufactured CLT or industrially manufactured cross-laminated timber panels that our cooperation partner in Estonia used to build a modular building, which was delivered and assembled in Switzerland. It was a large-scale project also demanding the complicated CNC treatment during the manufacturing period. After completion of the project client highly appreciated that company “Cross Timber Systems” performed all works with the utmost care and in high quality. Project is remarkable as one of the first large CLT construction projects in Europe. With the implementation of this project, company “Cross Timber Systems” significantly promoted CLT construction materials on the European market.