Project type: Industrial buildings

Client: SIA “Bukoteks”

Contribution: designing, manufacturing, delivery and assembling of prefabricated concrete elements.

Time: 2014–2015

Company: “Skonto Prefab”

Country: Latvia

Project description

“Baltic Logistic Solutions” is the logistics centre in Ķekava allowing exporting wide range of products to the Baltic countries. In frame of the project “Skonto Prefab”, provided designing, manufacturing, and delivery and assembling of the prefabricated concrete elements. During the project implementation period company had to encounter certain challenges. For example, despite their voluminous size, we had to assemble the concrete elements in the comparatively short period. At the same time applying very high labour safety, environmental protection and quality requirements to the project. As during the construction period elements of logistics centre were delivered from Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, project demanded high accuracy in the construction elements delivery coordination process in order not to delay the assembling works. Successful project implementation also contributed to the fact that cooperation with the external service providers continues also in other projects.