Project Type: Residential buildings, Commercial buildings

Client: Centrus Real One Ltd

Investment: Front and building construction

Time: 2014-2015

Companies: Skonto Būve, Skonto Plan, Skonto Prefab

Country: Latvia

Project description

One of the most ambitious building projects of the last few years: the multifunctional centre Centrus in the historical centre of Riga. It consists of two seven-storey residential buildings with 84 apartments, the residents of which have a unique opportunity to use all the advantages of being in the centre of the capital and experience the comfort and quality of private life in modern apartments at the same time.
There is also a two-level underground parking lot, and a charming pedestrian promenade with well-equipped recreational areas completes the extensive project. The commercial premises – shops and cafes – are situated on the ground floor of the buildings.
«This is one of the few places in the centre of Riga where the whole quarter is accessible for construction. We as building professionals are greatly honoured that within the project Quarter Centrus we have an opportunity not just to build some buildings, but to create the environment, the public space and the whole atmosphere," commented Aldis Rērihs, the project manager of Skonto Būve.
Skonto Būve is the general contractor for this project. Skonto Plan, one of the companies in Skonto Group, produced the glass structures, and Skonto Prefab provided the prefabricated concrete facade elements. The finishing materials used in this project are of the highest-quality.
Since the construction took place in the historical city centre, it needed a particularly thorough approach. The buildings boast sophisticated construction solutions for the precast concrete façade. The challenge was also the creation of separate heating units for each apartment; and there are energy-efficient, environmentally friendly lighting solutions throughout the buildings.
"All works were done to high-quality standards, fulfilling the client's requirements and in accordance with the applicable Building codes of Republic of Latvia. The client confirms the highly professional approach of Skonto Būve to the execution of works and recommends the company as a reliable and capable construction company with expert project management team," assessed the cooperation representatives of the company Centrus Real One, the developer of the building complex Centrus.