Project Type: Residential buildings

Client: Lasbet Tootmine

Investment: Design, manufacturing and supply of filigree slabs

Time: 2014-2015

Company: Skonto Prefab

Country: Sweden

Project description

Muddus housing complex in Stockholm will not remain unnoticed - it stands out with an expressive, bright red façade, irregularly placed balconies and an unusual courtyard. Muddus architecture is a perfect illustration of two classic statements - that sometimes less means more, and that the beauty is in the details. In case of Muddus the colour of the building and bright red glazed bricks that make the building shine from afar are the main means of expression in otherwise laconic architecture of the building.
Muddus residential complex consists of two seven-story buildings with 100 fully-furnished rental apartments, total area of the project is 14,281 m2. For this project Skonto Prefab carried out the design, production and delivery of filigree slabs. The project was completed on time and in good quality, and the client chose Skonto Prefab for cooperation in other projects.