Project type: construction of five-storied residential building with underground parking place, public space and technical premises

Client: Rossento Bygg & Material AB

Contribution: designing and manufacturing of the concrete and steel load bearing elements

Time: 2017

Company: Skonto Prefab

Country: Sweden

Project description

Hägersten is the five-storied residential building project in Sweden. In frame of the project, Skonto Prefab performed designing of the concrete and steel load bearing elements, including the building stability calculations. Also, company manufactured and delivered one layer external solid wall panels, precast columns, filigree slabs, pre-stressed beams and prefabricated concrete stairs with Terrazzo covering, delivering also manufactured prefabricated elements.

Skonto Prefab was a general contractor in the project successfully solving the challenge created by the planning of the building and differences between the height of floors, quickly reacting also to the necessary changes in the planning and adhering to schedule.