Project type: Infrastructure object

Client: Augstsprieguma tīkls JSC

Investment: 110/330 kV overhead line reconstruction, installation

Time: 2012-2014

Company: LEC

Country: Latvia


Project description

LEC carried out a 110 kV transmission line reconstruction in the sector Grobiņa-Ventspils, reinforcing it with a 330 kV line. The company was in charge of a new 110/330 kV overhead line design, 0.4-20 kV overhead line reconstruction, 110/330 kV support foundation construction, metal support construction, overhead line cable assembly, construction of lightning protection cable and OPGW cable, and design and construction of 110/330 kV temporary bridging and connections. After the fitting of the new 110/330 kV overhead line the dismantling of the existing 110 kV overhead line was carried out.
This ambitious project was a challenge for all the involved LEC employees, it allowed to gain experience in the design and construction of overhead lines on a large scale. Overall, the total length of LEC assembled wires and cables in the track is 73 km of 110 kV overhead line, 4.3 km of 330 kV overhead line, lightning protection cable - 55.4 km and OPGW cable - 62.7 km. Due to LEC involvement in the design, which allowed the incorporation of all the necessary technical details, the project objectives were reached quickly and efficiently.