Project Type: Residential buildings

Client: PEAB Sverige AB

Investment: Design, production and delivery of reinforced concrete elements

Time: 2014-2015

Company: Skonto Prefab

Country: Sweden

Project description

For comfort of the seniors in Swedish port city of Gävle, a new five-storey residential building-nursing home was built. For this project Skonto Prefab designed, produced and delivered concrete elements, filigree panels, solid walls, stairs and stair blocks, balconies, metal columns and beams. On the object worked Skonto Prefab assembly foreman, successfully resolving all the issues. The timely production of the reinforced concrete elements made it possible to effectively plan the delivery and assembly. The contracting authority highly valued professionalism of Skonto Prefab, as well as the company’s ability to respond to and accommodate any changes in the project.