Project type: Engineering structure

Client: GE Renewable Energy

Investment: Hydropower unit dismantling, system replacement, renovation, installation

Time: 2016-2022

Company: LEC

Country: Latvia

Project description

Riga hydroelectric power plant (HPP) started producing electricity in the middle of 1970s. It has six hydropower units with total capacity of 402 MW. Currently, in Riga HPP there is a hydropower unit reconstruction project underway, with expected completion in 2022. LEC is responsible for an extensive range of works: dismantling of the existing hydropower units, replacement of turbine and stator, restoration of the distributor, replacement of the impeller chamber, restoration of the turbine cover, restoration of the thrust bearing, replacement of segments. There is also the replacement of poles, technical water system, control unit and oil management system replacement, replacement of primary and secondary electrical system. LEC is working on the restoration of the rotor, restoration and painting of the dismantled parts, carrying out construction works and installation of hydropower unit, using renewed and newly supplied parts. Within the project there is also ongoing testing and regulating of hydropower unit.
Considering the importance and scale of the project, there are especially high requirements for work safety and quality, and environmental protection. This project constitutes an invaluable experience for all the involved LEC employees, starting from specialized training programs to the implementation of new job planning systems.