Project type: Public buildings

Client: NCC Sverige

Investment: Designing, production, delivery and installation of precast reinforced concrete and metal structures

Time: 2015-2017

Company: Skonto Prefab

Country: Sweden

Project description

Sörmlands Museum in Nyköping is an environmentally friendly regional museum, which provides space not only for exhibits, but also for creative workshops and educational seminars. It also serves as a concert hall for various cultural events, has office space, restaurant, and cafe. The museum aims to preserve local history and culture for future generations. To make the building even more attractive, a unique façade was chosen for this project. It consists of black reinforced concrete sandwich walls and graphic concrete walls, which are decorated with 47 historical photographs from the town archive. It is the first Skonto Prefab project with this type of walls and a special manufacturing technology, which was developed in the laboratory, preparing various experimental samples.