Project type: Residential buildings

Client: “Midroc Contruction AB”

Contribution: designing, manufacturing, delivery and assembling of prefabricated concrete elements.

Time: 2014–2017

Companies: “Skonto Prefab”, “Industibetong AB”, “Gilne Gmbh”, SIA “Toget”

Country: Sweden

Project description

“Kvarnstugan” is the modern apartment block located in the Swedish city Jakobsberg and planned for young families. Residential building offers 85 apartments and parking places. In frame of the project, company “Skonto Prefab” delivered sandwich wall elements with brick surface. During the assembling “Skonto Prefab” especially focused on the brick walls to reach the goals set by the architect. Although we had to implement the project in short period, it did not affect the project outcome, and client evaluated the “Skonto Prefab” with the mark 8.9, stating that we performed works in premium quality and with high sense.